Dawn Lemon Palermo Flavour

1 KG

High quality natural Lemon flavouring for bake and freeze stable fine pastries, sweets and ice-cream.

We want to help you create happiness with better tasting sweet bakery products every day.
That’s why we now provide a clear range of liquid flavours, that can help meet the increasing
demands of your consumers for high quality natural products with a delicious taste and aroma.
For many years you may have known and used our bake stable liquid flavours range under the
Sucrea brand. Now in our new packaging from DAWN®, your trusted partner in sweet bakery
products, we have simplified our flavours portfolio into 2 simple ranges; Premium and Favorit,
so you can easily find the flavour that best fits your business. All of our flavours are also
bake/freeze/thaw stable in products for your convenience.

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