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In this section you will find all the silicone moluds and innovative shapes, from the most classic to the most modern ones. Make your range of pastries even more versatile, giving shape to avant-garde pastry works.

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    GLOBE 26

    Freezer / blast freezer proof

    •  Dishwasher safe
    • 180mm x 335mm x h20mm, Ø45mmVol. Total: 390ml
      Cavity: 15
      Vol. Cavity: 26ml

    Silicone mould designed to make refined mignon pastries, perfect to be used in the oven or in the blast chiller for the preparation of cakes or savoury creations, it resists to temperatures going from -60°C (-76°F) to +230°C (+446°F). Each cavity of the mould is provided with a special border that allows to obtain rounded mignon pastries. It can be matched with the mould STONE for a successful combination of inserts. Size: Ø 45 h 20 mm
    Volume: 26 ml

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  • GLOBE 26

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  • KIT WOODY 1100

    240X100MM H82.5MM

    Vol. Total: 1100ml

    Inspired from the exclusive bûche “Le Stère Chocolaté” signed by pastry chef Pascal Hainigue. Kit Woody 1100 by Silikomart Professional is made of two silicone elements which combined together and placed in the specific plastic support, enable to create a nature-inspired bûche of 1100 ml volume. The design of the kit, reproducing a woodpile, is ideal for the preparation of semifreddos decorated with spray masses, perfect to exalt the shape.

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  • KIT WOODY 1100

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  • YIN YANG 2500

    240X100MM H82.5MM

    Vol. Total: 2500ml
    Cavity: 2
    Vol. Cavity: 1250ml

    •  Oven / microwave proof
    •  Freezer / blast freezer proof

    Yin Yang is the symbol of the existing duality of every elements in the Universe: two opposites but complementary entities that gives life to perfection, also in taste. This is what YIN YANG, the mould by Silikomart Professional, is inspired by. It is composed by two moulds with a volume of 1250 ml each. YIN YANG fuses together elegance, versatility and guarantees flawless results.
    Size: 245 x 195 h 50 mm
    Volume: 1050 ml x 2 = 2100 ml ;

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  • YIN YANG 2500

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